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I came in on Saturday afternoon for a bike fit (my first one since taking up cycling). I just wanted to thank you for the friendly atmosphere (the whole team) and exceptional service. On my first ride after the fit it felt a bit funny like the seat was too low but on my first training ride that afternoon, I smashed my PB and set a new PB for my top speed as well. I could spend heaps longer on the tri bars and only came off them for the climbs

Thanks again

Martin Gartrell

Took the bike out yesterday morning for my first ride, it was outstanding. The fit was excellent. Everything about the bike felt great.

I couldn't get the smile off my face for the rest of the day. My son came along for the ride, he's now pretty envious, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's not thinking about saving up for one himself.

See you later in the week once Mary's bike turns up.

Thanks you very much for your help. Absolutely love the bike (Trek 8.5 DS) and the set up. I did manage to come a cropper on Trent's driveway, didn't click out in time and went straight over. So within one hour the first scratches were added to the bike.

Now, all I can hear is rubber on road, no grinding gears, slipping feet etc etc. I even managed to sell my old bike in 24 hours (good ol' Gumtree).

I am getting in 20km a day commuting, and will be slowly extending this out as the days turn to weeks to months.

I have talked you and Cycle de Vie up at work, so hopefully the word of mouth will result in a few guys coming in to see you.

I will bring the bike in in early Nov to get a quick check over.

Thanks again - great bike, the right accessories, and the right amount of money spent - very very happy.