Tony & Jemma

Tony is Cycle de Vie’s founder, owner and manager. Cycling has been a passion of Tony’s for a long time. He first moved to Townsville in 1997, and took up road cycling in 1999, and has been on his bike ever since. After a few years away delving into his other life passion (marine biology), he is now back in Townsville hoping to bring something new and fresh to the Townsville Cycling scene. He also is a tech-speak geek and loves reading up on all the techno bits bikes have to offer so is a bundle of knowledge.

Jemma is our product tester for kids stuff. She is partial to pink and ice cream. This is Jemma at Trek World ensuring they have enough pink kids things and that dad orders according to her tastes.



Michelle is the other-founder. Michelle use to have a lot more time and was once on the road bike a lot more! Now she is gratefull to get the odd session in the CompuTrainer room, and a Saturday ride on the road. Michelle is super keen to jump on a mountain bike whenever she can. She also has done a few smaller triathlons and finished the Yepoon 70.3. She has dreams of doing more.....



Hollie is what some people would describe as an adrenalin junkie. Potentially slight mad - as she has a crazy obsession for jumping out of planes - yes whilst they are high-high-high up in the sky. But when she does have her two feet on the ground she is an outgoing girl who loves to get involved in sport. She comes from a netball background during her school days on the Gold Coast. She now is a super runner, who is taking up triathlons and cycling with a vengence. Look out Townsville! Hollie's ride of choice is the Women's Specific Silque and she has her eye on the Silque SSL. Come in and meet Hollie as she is super nice :)



Sid is our Frenchy-Aussie. He has a passion for endurance sports. Sid played tennis during his childhood at national level, and then switched to rock climbing and enjoyed discovering amazing cliffs all over France. His love for mountains began his discovery of trail running and he has participated in many road and mountain races throughout Europe, from 10km up to 100km ultra’s. (Crazy and cool huh!!). Sid also loves riding. He has an eye for detail and will use his passion and knowledge to help you. Besides all of that Sid is just a great bloke, with a pretty cool accent to boot!